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We help people nationwide with Social Security and black lung claims.


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For Everyone Seeking Disability Benefits

We believe that everyone with a disabling condition deserves benefits. Our experienced attorneys have done over 100,000 Social Security claims and 20,000 black lung claims. We will determine which program is the right one for you.

National Authorities On Black Lung And Rock Dust Cases


Very few law firms have the national reputation and focus on black lung and coal miners that we do. Based in the heart of coal country, Wolfe Williams & Reynolds represents clients throughout the United States. We can take your claim over the phone from anywhere in the country.

Our attorneys have decades of experience securing benefits for those who have suffered because of their service in the mines. Coal workers have brought tremendous prosperity to our country. They deserve to be cared for and treated with respect.


Full Compensation For Injured Workers


Many workers have injuries that are severe but not immediately obvious, which can make getting compensation from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) difficult. Our attorneys have extensive experience with both initial claims and appeals. We will evaluate your case, recommend medical resources and put you on track to the outcome you deserve.


Meet Our Attorneys


Joseph E. Wolfe
Vernon M. Williams
P. Heith Reynolds

200 Years Of Experience


Our attorneys have more than two centuries of collective experience. Whether we’re representing you in a black lung case, a Social Security Disability claim or another matter, we have what it takes to get the best possible result.


If you are struggling with a disability from coal mining or another cause, you need an attorney with special knowledge of what you’re going through. That’s what we offer.


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