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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Black Lung Cases

Wolfe Williams & Reynolds is one of the six firms throughout the country that handle black lung cases. We have represented clients in all 50 states but have physical offices in Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. Wherever you are, we can evaluate and pursue your case over the phone — no need to travel. Our experience and knowledge of this niche area of the law have benefited clients tremendously. Below is a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. After reading through the answers, call our main office in Norton at 888-925-9154 to schedule a consultation today.

How Much Money Will I Get For Federal Black Lung Benefits?

Each case is different. However, most clients receive $700/month for a miner and half of that for a widow, paid in one check. Children are eligible to receive benefits, too.

I Already Won My State Black Lung Case. Do I Get Federal Benefits Automatically?

No. The federal program has an entirely different process. Since we handle both state and federal cases, we can help you navigate the system.

My Black Lung Case Was Denied. Can I File More Than Once?

When it comes to federal cases, you have unlimited chances to file. For state claims, you have one chance. In some states, you can refile if there’s a change in your medical condition. Every state is different, so check with us to be sure.

Who Pays For The Doctor?

The federal government pays for your first exam. You pick the doctor from its approved list, but we can help you select an appropriate doctor based on your needs.

Are Certain Jobs In The Mines “Worse” Than Others For Black Lung?

Yes. Rock drillers in particular tend to have the most amount of cases. That said, anyone who works in a mine can get black lung disease.